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By dhowell - Posted on 01 December 2012

Without Lenora's dedication to writing and the written word, I wouldn't have joined that Writers Group to start writing about the farm. After she died, the remaining stories would not have come together without Liz who patiently sorted out all the writings I hadn't "filed," and organized them. The pile about the farm suggested there might be enough for a "book," but we settled for a manuscript. She also sorted out boxes of family pictures, many of which were appropriate for a story about the farm.

John Snell and Chris Parr needed all their computer skills (and a lot of patience) to plug me into the cyber world with its vast repository of information about farming as it has taken place in my time. John found the 1938 aerial photo I remembered, and farm machinery archives. Chris has found additional photographs and digitalized all those used, set them into the text, and created the final computer format. His experience in the Parr III phase permitted him to interject his own recollections, adding depth and to what I remembered, and at times correcting my errors. I am thankful there was enough time with Floyd to check and verify sizes of the farm fields and to help with some of the pictures.

All of my family have aided by supporting and encouraging me as I worked things out, perhaps at times to the detriment of some of their projects. Though specifics may not be cited, it all has been helpful and is appreciated.

I trust I have not left anyone out and express regret if I have.