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By dhowell - Posted on 08 December 2013

Though this Farm Story comes mainly from one individual's memory, augmented I'm sure by the many later repetitions, some details come from the printed sources listed below.

  • Manchester Area Historical Society 2011 Calendar, Manchester Area Historical Society, Manchester, Michigan. 2010
  • Peoples Home Library, R.C.Barnum Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 1915
  • Standard Atlas of Washtenaw County Michigan, Geo. A. Dale & Co., Chicago, Ill. 1915
  • U. S. Department of Agriculture Aerial Photograph, Sections 3 & 10, Manchester Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Taken 6-28-37. Retrieved from archives by Do You Graphics, 14827 Old Frederick Road, Woodbridge, MD., 21797.

Pictures of old farm tools and equipment come from the assortment of information available today on the internet. Some are from agricultural tool museum collections and others from commercial catalogues and archives. I regret the site of each one used here cannot be cited, but offer thanks to each one and advise interested readers to browse for themselves. Without the efforts of John Snell and Chris Parr and their knowledge of computers, this very helpful source of information couldn't have been tapped.

Scenes involving our use of the farm come from family archives now divided among the children and descendents of Clayton and Willo Parr.

Hazel Parr Walker
Howard Parr
Leslie Parr
Floyd Parr