By dhowell - Posted on 28 December 2007

The bridge connecting Exchange Place (Main Street) on the west bank of the river with Jefferson street on the east bank was built in 1833. In those days the road level was much lower and sloped down toward the river. This old bridge was built of planks and was considered a "substantial and safe viaduct." Whenever the water was high it was not uncommon to get wet feet while crossing, for the water would come up between the planks.

Main Street had a dirt road. Baptist Church steeple is on the left.

A story is told about the village's first physician, Dr. Bennett F. Root, who settled here in 1834. As he was crossing the old pole bridge that spanned the river south of town, near the old school, he fell through and into the water. He had been practicing for 50 years and at the time was over 70. He had always been a firm believer in the cold water cure, but after his escape he dropped all faith in that belief.