Centennial Launched March 18

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

The official opening of the centennial celebration was 2:30 p.m. Saturday, March 18 with a downtown parade.

Leading the procession, which started at Main and Beaufort Streets, was the police escort for cars carrying centennial committee officers.

About 60 "Brothers of the Brush" marched. Leading them were the pallbearers carrying a casket complete with the razor. Pallbearers were Art McGee, Merle McKeever, Dave Walton, Jackie Smith, Ken Brokaw and Lauren Bertke.

The centennial band was under the direction of Roger Marrison who has been named to direct all musical functions of the centennial.

Going along Main Street the parade stopped at the official centennial headquarters at Rymack's Printing Shop. Last "rites" were held with Rev. Oscar Cooper acting as chaplain. The casket carrying the razor was deposited in a window display at headquarters.

Centennial certificates, buttons and bows went on sale along with certificates commemorating Manchester's 100th birthday at all merchants and from E. G. Mann's Mill in Manchester and Bridgewater, Pleasant Lake Tavern and the Pleasant Lake Grocery.

The committee pinpointed four major dates for celebrations: Memorial Day (May 30) with a community picnic, July 4 for an old time celebration, a tie-in with the Chicken Broil and conclusion of the celebration during the community fair, Aug. 22 to 26.

Centennial celebration officers are: Irvin Gill, chairman; Ted Curley, co-chairman; Harry Macomber, secretary; Douglas Hughes, publicity; Gary Brokaw, chairman of the Brothers of the Brush; and LeRoy Marx, treasurer.

Other committee heads are: Don Limpert, finance; Allan Alber, rural participation; Mrs. Clarence Schaible, chairman of village decoration; Lauren Bertke, membership; Don Ross, Keystone Cops chairman; Mike Scully, Kangaroo Court and Bill Wilson, traffic and safety.

On the Board of Directors are: Allan Alber, Ted Curley, Irvin Gill, James Hendley, Charles Hough, George Koda, Harry Macomber, LeRoy Marx, Don Limpert and Ray Tirb.