Council Proceedings

By dhowell - Posted on 02 January 2008

May 15, 1918. Council appropriated $50 for the building of a band stand and flag staff. It was to be located between the mill and the bank. Later they put the stand on wheels so it could be moved to other locations.

April 2, 1919. A group of citizens complained because a neighbor was raising onions for seed. They objected to the offensive odor. Council referred the incident to the Health department.

May 21, 1919. $520 was approved for oiling the streets.

August 5, 1919. Village appropriated $100 for a Welcome Day for the soldiers.

October 1, 1919. The street commissioner was asked to remove all useless hitching posts.

December 15, 1919. Voters approved building a transmission line for electricity between Manchester and Clinton.

April 7, 1920. Charles Conroy and F. D. Kern were authorized to build the electric transmission line to Clinton.

November 4, 1920. New York Central Railroad trains were using: 6 passenger trains using 2,000 gallons each daily, and 5 freight trains using 3,000 gallons each per day.

December, 1923. Council ordered that all porch lights were to be out by 1 a.m. with a penalty of 50¢ for violators. In that year the village clerk, LeRoy Marx was ordered to write a letter to a Belle Isle Creamery Co. to have their truck driver slow down when traveling through Main Street, especially across the bridge. Children swinging from trees in the public park were deemed a nuisance and throwing snowballs from business places was subject to prosecution....