Mrs. Elizabeth Goodyear

Mrs. Elizabeth Magoon Goodyear, 80 years, died at the home of her nephew, Perry Winslow, January 6, 1906. She was born in Cornelius, New York, and at an early age came to Freedom Township, where she taught school. She married Henry Goodyear and started housekeeping on a farm near her former home.

At the close of the Civil War her husband was one of the largest land owners in Washtenaw County. He was public spirited and ambitious, and bought property in Manchester. In 1867 he erected the Goodyear Hall block. He also built a large brick hotel which took his name but was later called the Freeman House.

Later they moved to Nebraska and engaged extensively in stock raising. Their only child, a daughter, went to Nebraska with them. She married a ranchman and died a few years later.

After the death of her husband, Mrs. Goodyear returned to Michigan and for several years kept house for her nephew. Burial was in Oak Grove, Manchester.