First Woman on School Board

By dhowell - Posted on 02 January 2008

In 1903, Mrs. J. H. Kingsley was elected the first woman member of the board of education. She became president of the board of education in 1908.

In 1908, Evan Essery, after 15 years as superintendent, was replaced by Frank E. Howard.

In 1911, three doctors were on the Board of Education: Dr. C. F. Kapp, Dr. Geo. Serviss, and Dr. B. A. Tracy, together with Mrs. Kingsley and A. J. Waters.

In 1915, typing became a regular part of the Commercial course and shorthand was introduced later.

In 1918, Marie Kirchhofer resigned to go to Hollywood, Calif. after teaching 26 years here. A. A. Nevereth from Brooklyn became principal.

In 1921-22, Augusta Haimon Vogt was the high school principal.