Freedom Township

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

June, 1831, the first settler, James W. Hill,located in a part of section 29 and later purchased land in section 32, owned by John M. Allen. By fall Hugh Campbell, Jason Gillett, Robert Myers, Matthew Myers and Jacob Haas arrived and in 1832 Roswell Preston, Roswell Preston Jr., Levi Rogers, Lyman Williams, Reuben Williams, and a few others located in Freedom, according to the Washtenaw County History.

By 1834-'7 the tide of immigration flowed along the valley of the Washtenong until by the close of 1837 every acre was claimed.

The history continues and says that in the case of Freedom it might be said that 2,000 acres of the wilderness was turned into fertile fields. "Throughout its length and breadth the woodman's ax was heard, a few more years of labor converted the country into a smiling garden."