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Herman Kuebler Recalls Changes in Plumbing, Heating Fields

By dhowell - Posted on 02 January 2008

Herman Kuebler retired in the summer of 1962 after 50 years in business. The name of Kuebler's Plumbing and Heating went with him. Manchester residents had been going to Kuebler's for about 70 years for plumbing and heating needs.

Herman's father, Louis A. Kuebler, started his business in 1895, and was known to everyone as "Tinner" Kuebler. The elder Kuebler learned his business in Germany and was joined by his son in 1910.

It is hard to imagine milk pails and milk pans being made by hand-but they were. This was an art the Kueblers brought from Germany. Metal roofing was important in the early days and the Kueblers put metal roofs on many business places here. There was a demand for flat roofs on porches. Making stove pipes was important for it wasn't until about 1908 that furnaces started to be at all popular.

In about 1912, the village put in city water and the demands for knowledge to cope with this new type of enterprise caused Mr. Keubler's father to hire a plumber from Detroit to help out.

From the time of soldering a new copper bottom on a tea kettle and making stove pipes to installing the plumbing in a new home, or hooking up gas furnaces and air conditioners, Mr. Kuebler encountered many changes. In 1928 all of the pipe railing for the present Main St. bridge was built by Kuebler.

In the early days they traveled by horse and wagon out in the country and prepared to stay days until the job would be finished. Farmers provided room and board. It was part of the bargain. There were no 8-hour days.

Many times they shopped in town for the farmer and took him the supplies "as long as we were making the trip anyway."

Mr. Kuebler always found time to help in community projects. He was a charter member of the Exchange Club and Optimist Club, served six years on the school board, 16 years on Emanuel Church Council and eight years on the village council. He and his wife live on E. Duncan Street.