Jesse Walker's Barn Raising

By dhowell - Posted on 30 November 2013

Hazel's notes about logs required and timber dimensions

Lumber list for the barn

Susan and Nancy playing on timbers

Stockpile of timbers awaiting assembly

Nov 1, 1949 – Raising the first bent (A bent refers to one assembled section of a barn frame)

First bent, almost in place

First bent, end view

Cross members connecting bents

Second and third bents up

Four bents in place with plates by the end of the day (Nov 1, 1949)

Rafters going up, Nov 2, 1949

Siding begins

Milking parlor addition (cement block)

Unknown, Ella Kemner, Alta Parr, Clella Simpson, Rena Girbach, Arnold

The new barn and addition