Lodge 148 Has Long Record

By dhowell - Posted on 28 December 2007

Manchester Lodge 148 F & AM celebrated its centennial in October, 1964. The first lodge meeting was held Dec. 3, 1862, on the third floor of the Clarkson Building, now housing the Manchester Bakery.

All the Masonic meetings in the village have been held on the third floor of whatever building the Masons were using at the time.

John B. Gilman was the first worshipful master. The lodge received its official charter in 1864—the date upon which the centennial was based—and $40.25 was appropriated for a charter seal and Bible, $5 for spitoons, and $1 was given to Mr. Chandler for making the lodge emblem. The same emblem is used in the lodge hall at the present time.

On March 30, 1864, the lodge was consecrated, The Masons obtained a meeting room on the third floor of the Union Savings Bank in 1895, its present meeting place.