Manchester Community Fair

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

The Manchester Community Fair is just what the name implies-it is a community project. Beginning in 1951 the Community Fair Association printed Fair Books, with the premium lists, general rules, exhibit entries, and all other pertinent facts concerning the fair. Ted Stautz is in his 4th year as president of the Fair Board.

But the fair had operated before that time. In the beginning it was considered an agricultural and school display type of fair. That was all.

Now the fair centers around the Optimist sponsored Steer Club and the Jaycee sponsored Fat Lamb Club. During the fair these prize animals are judged, they are on display, and they are auctioned off. The boys and girls who own the animals receive the profits.

A big parade, over a mile long, will set the fair in motion. Every year all of the merchants and industries enter displays, trucks, farm equipment, floats and decorated cars.

There will be a Fair Queen and her court. L. V. Kirk promotes a cooking school each year. 4-H clubs and individuals bring in displays, sewing, cooking, canning. You name it, they have it.

Working with Stautz are vice president, Jesse Walker; secretary, Maynard Leach, and treasurer, Lehman Wahl. Other board members are Ellis Pratt, Willis Uphaus, Lawrence Kemner, Lowell Spike, Willis Hassett, Maynard Blossom, Herman Kuebler, Elmen Kopka, Paul Eisele and Ted Curley.