Manchester Township

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

Manchester township is one of the very few to have a township library and a township fire department, according to Clayton Parr, supervisor. Stories on both are found elsewhere in the history. The fire department is also on call to help in other areas on a fee and contract basis.

The total assessed valuation of Manchester township is $5,000,540. It has been equalized (2.53) at $12,655,723.

The value of all real estate in the township as assessed is: agricultural, $1,200,675; commercial, $296,200; industrial, $377,550; residential, $1,616,460. The total of all real estate in the township is $3,490,885.

Personal property tax breakdown on assessed valuation is: commercial, $184,005; industrial, $1,150,950; utilities, $174,700. The total personal tax is $1,509,655.

The total 1960 census for the township was 2,590 including 1,568 in the village.

The township officers are: Clayton Parr, supervisor; Waldo C. Marx. clerk; M. H. Wolfe, treasurer and Malcolm Billings and L. P. Wurster are the trustees.

Industries outside the village include: Manchester Stamping, part of Manchester Division of Hoover Ball, Schlosser Chicken Plant, Irish Hills Locker, Mat Walden's Sawmill, Max Sellers Lumbering, Mindus Iron and Metal and K & W Farm Supply.

The Lithuanian Youth Camp and the Manchester Speedway are also located in the township.