Marx & Marx

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

Christian Marx, Austin Yocum and Dennis Torrey were partners in the store now occupied by the Gamble store, when they first went into business in 1896. The following year, 1897 they moved to the present location which had been occupied by Mack & Schmid. The store had been built the year before by Nathan Schmid and it was planned for a Dry Goods store. Nat Schmid and his family lived on the second floor which had been built for living quarters.

After the first year they decided to sell to Yocum Marx & Co. who carried a line of ladies coats, fur muffs, dresses, piece goods, footwear and a full line of dry goods.

Yocum Marx & Co. (left to right) J. D. Torrey, clerk Kramer, C. O. Marx and Austin Yocum. Picture was taken in the early 1900s.

Later they rented the store just east, where Widmayer's Furniture store is located and opened a men's furnishing store. They built an archway between the stores. Myron Silkworth and Lester Blaisdeli were put in charge of the men's store. Later LeRoy Marx and Clair Riedel ran the clothing store.

About 1918 the next store east (now the Way Bakery) was bought from J. Fred Schaible who ran a grocery store. An archway was put in between the men's store and the grocery. It was the practice of the store to put on a general sale twice a year—in January and July, discounting everything in the building at least 20 per cent. This practice has been continued to the present time.

Now the Marx & Marx store is between Walt Schaible's Men's store and Widmayer Furniture and is operated by Waldo and Ruth Marx.

Two business houses on Main Street still carry the names of early merchants. They are Widmayer Hardware and Marx & Marx.