Miss Nellie Ackerson

By dhowell - Posted on 02 January 2008

In 1949 the new Manchester elementary school building was named for Miss Nellie Ackerson who retired in 1959, after teaching for 51 years. She had taught four years in rural schools, one at the Schlaffer School and three years at Sharon Hollow School before joining the Manchester school system in 1912.

She always taught the third and fourth grades and was principal of the elementary school for many years.

She was graduated from Manchester High and Ypsilanti Normal College where she earned a bachelor of science degree. Miss Acketson will always be remembered for her art work and admits that she was torn between a love of art and music, and an admiration for the teaching profession. There were always beautiful chalk drawings for the children to look at on the blackboard of her schoolroom.

Miss Ackerson received another distinction when she was made an honorary member of the Manchester Township Library Board, the second person in the 128-year history of the library, the first being Mrs. Frank Merithew, who received the honor in 1945.