Naming the Township

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

When the first election was held there were 38 votes cast. At the meeting to organize the town, a dispute arose as to the name; finally they agreed to compromise. Someone thought that a good deal of FREEDOM should be exercised. At that Samuel S. Peckens said that he thought that was the best name proposed. It was adopted.

In the early days the supervisors received one dollar a day for their services, school teachers fifty cents a day and women teachers only a dollar a week. Girls doing housework received fifty cents a week.

Dr. Porter of Ann Arbor reported that in 1831 when he went through the township he didn't see a person. He camped out along Pleasant Lake. There are two lakes in the township, "Pleasant" and "Silver". Freedom is undulating, with alternate plains and openings. The Washtenaw County Atlas notes that the immigrants came in so fast that a schoolhouse was built near Mr. Hill's house. M. B. Wellman had the first cooper shop in 1833. The first birth in the township was Antionette Gillett, born November 6, 1831.