Newman Granger - Pioneer Dies

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

The Johann Spathelf log cabin in Freedom Township.

One of the pioneers of Manchester and for many years one of its most prominent businessmen, Newman Granger, died, July 17, 1888, aged 73 years. He is buried in Oak Grove.

He was born in Lowville, New York and because his father was a brewer, he was said to often remark that he was "born and brought up in a brewery." The Grangers moved to Michigan in 1838 and first stopped with Amos Bullard in Sharon.

The site of the old brewery opposite the Universalist Church was selected for the site of the brewery where father and son brewed ale for several years. Thomas Morgan was taken in as a partner. Business was good and on the death of his parents, Newman and his sister, Mrs. A. Strickland, acquired the property. The old and well known firm of Granger & Morgan was dissolved and Granger & Strickland assumed control.

He gave both the Methodist and the Universalist Churches the land for their edifices—along with many gifts of hard cash.

He was a born leader and was a promoter for the Jackson and Hillsdale branches of the L.S. & M.S. Railroads. Newman was also township supervisor for many years. He never married.

Old maps of the village showing how the village was platted, carry the inscription—"Granger-Morgan Addition."