Old Maude

By dhowell - Posted on 30 November 2013

Old Maude

Floyd on Old Maude

Our little bay mare
Was known as Old Maude
But some things that she did
You would never applaud.

Like an unannounced stop
Just for toiletry
When the crest of a hill
Loomed up imminently.

And balking in fear
On the slippery, planked bridge
A bob sleigh full of wood
Fresh cut from the ridge.

Or shying in fright
At the loud bumble bee
When mowing the meadow
So its crop could be free.

The rattle snake sound
Unheard but by her,
Made her stop, ears laid back,
Tight down to the fur.

Many good traits, too
Through the years they were there
First Mom's horse for the buggy
Then Brother's toy—not to share.

Floyd and his shay - c 1933

He had his own rig,
A small, shay-like gimmick
Which he used with Old Maude
His father to mimic.

He walked under her belly,
Climbed up her tail,
Our chides to be careful
Never were to avail.

If she hadn't been gentle
And so easily led,
I'm sure we'd have soon
Seen Brother Floyd quite dead.

Yet it seems to me now
Still she'd be with us here
If Dad hadn't gone modern
And bought that John Deere.

Howard E. Parr
April 3, 1986; revised 5/6/