Richard Lord's Gravestone

By dhowell - Posted on 02 January 2008

A small rnetal plaque at the base of his gravestone now cites Richard Edwin Lord (1745-1843) as a soldier of the American Revolution.

The grave is located in Gillett Cemetery in Sharon Township about five miles northwest of Manchester. DAR members placed the marker at the grave in time for May 30, 1967, memorial services.

Lord enlisted in the Continental Army on March 8, 1777, in the Second Regiment of the Connecticut Line commanded by a Col. Webb.

Records are not clear but Lord apparently moved to Ann Arbor in June, 1825. He brought his wife and three small children with him. A married son, David, had moved to this area a year earlier. David Lord was Ann Arbor's first doctor and Washtenaw County's first county clerk.

Mrs. Nellie Ross of Grass Lake, Lord's great-great-granddaughter, was present at the cemetery when the marker was placed on the grave by the Plymouth-Northville Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Other great-great-grandchildren living in this area include William F. Shaler and Clair Shaler of Bellevue and Mrs. Lois Schlotteman of Grass Lake.