By dhowell - Posted on 02 January 2008

When the Civil War ended the village perked up and started to engage in business of various kinds and new business houses were built.

At that time there were two school districts. The first was District 1 in Soulesville, named for the man who built the dam on the Raisin River and erected a saw mill. This place continued to prosper even after the other two dams were built farther up the river. A brick school stood on the hill on what is now the Lepshis farm.

A sawmill was built on the east side of the upper dam and a gristmill on the westside. There was also a tavern, church, stores—and a school house, on the southwest side of the public square. That was district 2, Ward School. It was across the street from St. Mary's Church. St. Mary's is built on the old hotel site. The area was low and marshy and a corduroy road was built over the bogs.