Steer Lamb Sale

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

Twenty-two steers and 42 lambs were auctioned Thursday night under the lights at the Fair with the Grand Champion steer bringing 80 cents a pound and Grand Champion lamb bringing $2.06 a pound. The animals had been judged on Wednesday by John Comstock, Lenawee Extension agent.

David Pratt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Pratt, was the owner of the Grand Champion steer which weighed 1125 pounds and brought 80 cents a pound when sold to Jay Lantis of the Manchester IGA store.

The champion lamb, owned by Jim Bruestle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bruestle, weighed 104 pounds. It was bought and reauctioned by the Manchester Division of the Hoover Ball & Bearing Co. Hoover' donated it for reauction and the second time around Hoover Ball bought it again, this time at $1.05 a pound, and the proceeds went to the Jaycees, sponsors of the Lamb Club.

Other winners in steers:

The Reserve Champion, owned by Lyndon Uphaus, weighed 1080 pounds and was bought by Hoover Ball for 60 cents a pound.

The Runnerup Reserve Champion, owned by Sandra Walter, was bought by Ray Kerr of Manchester for 57 cents a pound.

In Showmanship: first place, Lynn Niehaus; second place, Doug Keasal; third place, Gary Walter.

Winners in lambs:

The Reserve Champion, owned by Linda Hoeft, weighed 107 pounds, and was bought by Klager Hatchery for $1.50 a pound.

The runner-up was owned by Leslie Kopka, weighed 100 pounds, and was bought by Manchester Tool & Die for & $1.25 a pound.

Highest Rate of Gain winner was Ruth Curtis. Her two lambs gained 106 pounds.

In Showmanship, Jim Bruestle placed first in the senior class, and Linda Hoeft was in second place. In the junior class, Bill Merriman was first, and Ross Haeussler was second place winner.

Dale Heselschwerdt of Napoleon Livestock was the auctioneer for the livestock auction.