Style Show

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

Dr. and Mrs. D. M. Petersen were models. The doctor wore a reproduction of a Daniel Boone suede costume with matching hat and shoes, and his wife's dress of gunmetal and white heavy print dates back more than a century.

Mrs. Wm. Schwab wore Mrs. Louis Merz' family heirloom black taffeta dress dating to 1847. The long bodice is styled with ruffle trim and tucking near the collar. There is heavy lace over pleated chiffon attached to the underskirt.

Monica J. Kirk had on the black velvet bonnet with satin bows that her great-grandmother, Mrs. Maria Coleman had with her when she arrived in this country from Ireland on New Year's Day 1852. Her two piece black wool dress belonged to Mrs. Tracy. The 1870 outfit was fashioned with bustle back, full skirt and fitted jacket with leg-of-mutton sleeves. Her 75-.year-old laced shoes had pointed toes and spool heels.

Miss Bess Satterthwait of Tecumseh loaned a three-piece evening ensemble made for her mother by Mrs. Fred Briegel, mother of Dr. Walter Briegel. The 90-year old creation had a cape of black ribboned silk adorned with lace.

Other exhibits included a 120-year old wedding dress made for Mrs. Sy Sloat; an 1898 white wool wedding gown owned by Mrs. Kenneth Wolfe.

William Schwab modeled a Prince Albert style wedding suit worn by George Bowins when he claimed Stella English as his bride.

Mrs. Stanton G. Roesch and Mrs. Louis Vogel were narrators and Mrs. Roesch made arrangements for ballroom gowns from the collection of William Crim of Ann Arbor to be exhibited. The gowns date back to the 1890s.

Those attending were in costume and everyone enjoyed the pink lemonade and cookies after the show.