Time Changed

By dhowell - Posted on 02 January 2008

Time changed—back in 1869—same as today. The Standard Time of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Company was Cleveland time (which was about five minutes faster than Standard time) and that was about twenty minutes faster than Chicago time. How did anyone know the exact time? The telegraph operator at Cleveland would telegraph the time to all operators at 12 noon on Sunday and clocks were set.

Marcius Simons was the telegraph operator here and "Manchester was connected with the whole world and part of Soulesville by the telegraph." This was in September 1869.

Also in September, E. H. Lewis was awarded the contract of building a bridge across the Raisin near the brewery for a cost of $385. Completion date was November 1, 1869.

Total enrollment in the Union School was 425 in September, 1869.