Uphaus Drug Store

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

The building which houses the Uphaus drug store was built in 1866 and was built for a drug store by Van Dyne and Calhoun. Ten years later it was sold to George J. Haeussler who was a druggist in Ann Arbor before coming to Manchester. The store also went under the name of Haeussler and Lynch, and Haeussler and Kingsley, during the time that Dr. Lynch and H. Kingsley were partners.

Raynor Haeussler followed in the footsteps of his father, George and became a druggist. He retired from the business after 47 years. But Raynor and his father were not the only members of the family interested in drugs. Raynor's grandfather, Dr. William Bessac, at one time operated a general store and drug store on the site of the Widmayer hardware, also on Main Street.

When George Haeussler was in business he carried a good line of china dishes, stationery and many other commodities, including a little soda fountain. The prescription business was not the flourishing business it is today. In years past the doctors carried most of their own drugs and only on special occasions were prescriptions given to druggists for filling. Raynor Haeussler said that the change over was so gradual that one hardly noticed it.

The late Mr. Haeussler's wife is the former Marjorie Kingsley, also a lifelong resident of Manchester. Mr. Haeussler served for six years on the village council and as village president for three years. He was on the school board for six years, a director of the Union Savings bank, a life member of the Blue Lodge of the Masons.

Haeussler sold his interest in the business to his partner, Millard Uphaus, who began working for Haeussler after graduating from the University of Michigan in 1935. Uphaus still operates the drug store.