This Village

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

Manchester is situated 22 miles from either Jackson or Ann Arbor. The population in 1960 was 1600 but it has been increasing. Unofficially it is about 1800. Austin Road runs east and west, becoming Main street in the heart of the village and connects with Jackson and Saline.

M-52 runs north to Chelsea and south to Adrian and other points in Ohio.

The big project underway now is an improvement program for the water system. A $275,000 revenue bond issue is under consideration. If approved, the bonds would be paid off in 25 years. This would also finance extensions of the present water main system to equalize pressure throughout the village. At this time a new $3,800 pump at the new well site is in operation.

Manchester's total budget for the year, as approved by council was $132,975.

Gale Koebbe, was the village's youngest president when he took office in 1966. This is his second one year term. Prior to that he had served three years on council.

The Community Fund and Red Cross Drive for 1966 hit an all-time high of $15,240.

This summer the voters approved a $650,000 bond issue to erect, furnish and equip a new elementary school. This involves acquiring additional land for the site and developing and improving it.

Other village officers working with Koebbe are: Lyle Widmayer, clerk; Edward R. Kirk, treasurer and councilmen, Basil McGuire, John Althouse, Herbert Mahony, Robert Lowery, James Bauer, and Al Gaige. Russell Widmayer is assessor.

There are two youth camps in the area: the Lithuanian Youth Camp about five miles west of the village and Hi Scope Camp south of Manchester.

The assessed valuation of Manchester is over two million dollars. Within the last two years a Planning Commission has been set up with Vilican and Leeman the consultants to cope with the expansion of the community.