Who Owns Manchester Hall?

By dhowell - Posted on 03 January 2008

Someone in the village recently remarked that there was some repair work going on at the village hall-and was quickly corrected by a longtime resident who insisted that the building of brick on Clinton Street is the Manchester Township Hall.

A plaque in the front of the building reads "Village Hall 1887." The village owns the building site. It is not on the tax roll of the township.

In the old council minutes of June 8, 1886, the council approved buying the George Nisle property—size 35 by 66 feet for $600 for the purpose of erecting a village hall or engine house. This resolution gave Nisle the privilege of removing any buildings on the premises. Money was taken from the village general fund to pay for the property.

By May 24, 1887, the council received a petition signed by 67 citizens asking that the building not be erected. This was tabled. But by July 19, 1887, the council appropriated $500 for the village hall.

There most have been some controversy over erection of the building if it were a joint venture, because in the local newspaper, dated
May 8, 1884, was this item: "It is probable that the township board will pay back to the village the $1,500 paid in toward the town hall. If they do it, goodbye town hall."

At various times in the minutes of the Village Council there were appropriations of money for the hall and on March 6, 1888, the council ordered a special committee to finish the hall.

In the township notes, Clayton Parr, supervisor, found that on May 26, 1883, the township considered submitting to the electors the question of raising tax money for obtaining a site and building a town hall and appointing a committee to select a site. By August 25, 1883, the township adopted a resolution to appropriate money for construction of a hall and defining and stating the rights of, and the interests of the village of Manchester if the hall were constructed. By November, 1883, the township transferred $900 from the town hall fund to purchase Lot 8 Block 3 on Clinton Street.

The repair bills for the hall go to the village.