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About MAHS

The Manchester Area Historical Society is a small, friendly group with a lively sense of history. We are always looking for new faces, new partners to pick up the local history trail and carry the message into the future. There are many chores yet unfinished that could be completed much more quickly with more volunteers.

We invite you to join in our efforts to build a better local history record. Regular monthly meetings are held September through June, the second Thursday of the month, 7:30p, at the Village Room in the lower level of Manchester Village Hall, Manchester, Michigan. See Programs and Newsletters for more information.

In 2006, MAHS celebrated its 30th year as a non-profit, Michigan corporation qualified under section 501(c)3 of the federal IRS code, which permits donations to be listed as deductions for eligible taxpayers. If you are interested in donating historical artifacts, photos, documents or want to give a monetary gift to the Society, contact us.

The Society's charter members were mostly life-long residents deeply interested in preserving Manchester area history and meeting together to share recollections of their lives here. Most of these founders are gone. Those of us still here bring a variety of different perspectives to Manchester area history and the artifacts, documents and photographs that tell its story. But our mission, as stated in our 1976 charter, rings as true as ever:

"To promote an appreciation of history through acquisition, restoration and preservation of homes, churches and public buildings having special historical or architectural significance; to establish a museum open for viewing by the general public; to operate the same for educational purposes; to acquire and display...articles of historical significance to the Village of Manchester and adjacent areas; to preserve the history of the area through taped and written interviews with area residents."

We have sought to fulfill that mission in many different ways. See Projects (coming soon) for some of our past endeavors. And check out our historical calendars, a popular annual fundraiser since 1984.

Our mission provides some clues to the wide variety of information you will find on our Web site. But this new "virtual" meeting place is still in its infancy, so please be patient. Come back again. And in the meantime, help us build our historical record by submitting your own stories and photos!